30 November 2009

one step at the time..one by one..

Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away
Everything that you've always dreamed of
Close enough for you to taste
But you just can't touch

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you're feeling more and more frustrated
And you're getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen and we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time

You believe and you doubt
You're confused, you got it all figured out
Everything that you always wished for
Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours
If they only knew

When you can't wait any longer
But there's no end in sight
when you need to find the strength
It's your faith that makes you stronger
The only way you get there
Is one step at a time

p/s.. still waiting for my 'shining' time to come..so far no sign yet..
am i that bad?? huhu

25 November 2009

Its been awhile..

I guess its been sometime that I haven't updated this blog..probably due to my limited time and also internet connection..currently I am using celcom broadband courtesy of my hubby (yeay) and so far, so good. within a few days we will celebrate hari raya aidiladha..time moves so fast. I've been watching a lot of tv programs highlighting on mekah n kaabah..it makes me wonder on whether we will have a chance to go there one day..hmm..

currently i'm still improving my cooking skills (ada ke?) hehehe..and it isn't so hard after training i guess..

nothing much going on in my life right now..we decided to neuter our eldest male cat 'supercat' coz he started spraying his urea everywhere in our home..its a normal thing for male cats to mark their territory come of age. however as we are living in an apartment (no lawns to roam for him) its kinda a big problem. oh, his nickname supercat was decided when he survived a fall from the fourth floor here when he was a kitten..kinda super i guess..i'm still torn about the neuter thing..is it painful for the cat..but my husband convinced me that we wanted to do it to take care of the cat better. i have to agree as now we had to put him in a cage coz of this spraying-thingy..

another excited news is..twilight new moon is coming to the movies at last :) the book is quite good..but i like the 1st one better. the only problem is that there are no cinemas here..huhu..so maybe had to wait for the vcds instead (guess its better than nothing)..

its the monsoon season again in terengganu..so its been raining for days. funny sometimes if we think that the clouds can hold up that much water..

will write again soon.