23 June 2010

Marriage: Part 1

Its so often that people relate marriages with fun, happiness, being in love, building a life together for the rests of their lives. The truth beyond that can be seen: marriage needs one's commitment to make it fun, happy, maintaining the lurve feelings, and also understanding each other (that's the key to stay together, they say). It has its ups and downs as usual..and sometimes u even wonder, does he love me? what do i marry him for? well, as we women has that time of the month and also more moody than most men (now? i'm not sure~)..so its normal, i guess..sometimes we just realized how much we love somebody when they're gone..

Being married also involves changes to make it work (that's what we call commitment, i guess) Well, enough yakking for tonight, just wanna lighten up my brains a bit and reflect..

Changes that i'd go through before and after my marriage:

1. An open secret that i had to share: before i was married, i slept with my cats every nite. on my bed. really. sometimes, 2,3 cats skali.huh..cat lover.me..actually it was quite useful because they will get up during subuh..so..xla lambat kan..automatic alarm system.. (kucing pn tau dh Subuh)..
2. Before, i was a klutz in the kitchen. Now pun ape kurangnya. haha.but adala improvement from the kitchen and cooking aspects..dulu, if we had any family function back home mesti i kena kutuk..huhu..silly me..but Mr Azuan really appreciate my cooking, and i hope he still do..

3. People say that marriage cures sickness. Not sure of any scientific evidence, but truly, I can relate to it. Before this I had serious migrain problems [ponstan and panadol are my best friend. I know it isn't good, but I don't have a choice :(] Besides that, I also had resdung and cannot eat seafood to much, or else i'll turn into Rudolph the red nose raindeer..
Cm tula I dulu (but minus the sunglasses, ganti dgn glasses biasa) + xde tanduk. But after my marriage, well, penyakit tu kurang, Alhamdulillah. No need to eat medicine all the time, and can eat seafood..Adala jgk dia attack but really2 seldom. save medical bills, especially the redung part sb ubat dia mahal gk..and mostly traditional..

4. I was a couch potato. Skrg pun lbh kurangla. But I get up early in weekends, not like time i'm single (xnk tulis kul brape bgn, hehe).But not yet perfect as our mothersla. but i'm still trying to..Tp i am the type of person who needs loads of sleep.huhu. jeles dgn org 4 jam tdo je dah ok. So. blame my genes. hahaha..

5. Real madrid..i'm a big2 fan since my school days..the most crazy thing i did was stay up to watch the Champions League while the next day i'm having an IMPORTANT exam..tee hee..sanggup..but i did not blew up the exam..although Real lost..hu..but now, i'm still a fan, except the fact that i cannot stay up like old days la..kdg2 blehla..my work now is very2 tiring..i need all the sleep that i can get..Last month, ada news about real's coming to Malaysia..and i'm planning to go and watch them (haha) this August, tp x jadila pulak..huhu..go Galacticos...

and then;

Changes that I hope i CAN improve for the future

1. Wanna learn how to sew langsir n traditional clothes. save costs and money :) but no time right now..

2. Wake up in the morning without alarm clock...(bleh ke? huhu)

3. Tahan skit rasa nak shopping..although sometimes rasa nk reward myself with something..maybe clothes or shoes..although there are more serious things to consider..hope he understands....

4. I want to be a good cook..like our mothers..letak pape pn sodap..cmne ye..guess no shortcut for that..kna take a few years practise...

5. Well, lastly..I hope i can improve my love for him and be a better wife..Amin.. :)

21 June 2010

can't wait..

This week is the last week that we'll be staying in Terengganu..by next week, we'll be moving to Sri Kembangan already.I'll be missing the nasi kerabu, sotong celup tepung, beaches..well, on the food side, kat sini pun ramai je org pantai timur and northern, so getting tomyam will not be a problem, cuma the pricela probably will be higher ;)

Well, last week we went to see the house together, and see what else that we needed, other than what we had already listed. Well, insya Allah we'll be adding some new furniture as well, especially for the kitchen. My hubby wants to do an open house during hari raya for our friends, insya Allah :) time to take out all of my cooking book then (tp dowg sanggup ke nak makan masakan i?) well, speaking about cooking, i realized that i missed cooking so much!! well, its true that coming back from work, i'm already tired and everything but then again, i miss cooking..

its a different feeling when your cooking with your family or friends, and cooking by yourself. Well, when i cook by myself usually i feel like a queen (for a while), haha..well, you can cook and make the food taste as you like it (nama pun queen). I did not expect to cook much on weekdays for my hubby, but i'll try the best that i can. maybe i need suppliments to keep me going (just like before) but then again, dunno which one is the best..
Justify Full
Are any of the readers familiar with Nilai 3? they say that the kain and upah langsir is very cheap there, but i only went there once, and it was ok. did not note anything about the curtains..HELP~~

Last week I also took the chance to visit my in laws in Kelantan..and set our plan for this weekend. So we'll be getting help from 'troups' across the family, hehe..Our families wanted to help we pindah so what we did was...we sponsored a van so that everybody can come along. but seriously, pindah is very2 costly. especially involving different states (baru state, belum negara lagik). the truck rent, driver, and everything..wow..(T_T)..Guess more cooking had to be done next month..

my current mode is tak sabar nak pindah..its been a tired, 3 month wait for us (at least for me) going back and forth from KL to T'ganu, vice versa. Enjoyable, yes, but tiring. not to mention, costly,haha (skit je kan bang ^_^)

Hm..I still have to make a choice for our life, but lets make that another post, shall we?

16 June 2010

trying Youthsay

With ideas and chances from Mr Semalam and also my friends here, i decided to try and log in to Youthsays.com, a website for youth (they say). guess its a new website coz i had never even heard it before (maybe, my bad). Anyway, they had the advertisement section that i had decided to try it out (coz it looks kinda interesting).. well, here's the link:


Click it :)

I'm not sure if what on its website is true, but try la kn..

11 June 2010

Checklist for pindah

Our New House :

1. Bayar deposit n everything - done
2. Amik kunci - done
3. Bersihkan rumah - dalam proses~
4. ukur saiz2 tingkap and langsir- not yet
5. plan letak barang -not yet
6. book lori - done, harap2 muat
7. book van for our families - done
8. urusan si kucing, cik bird n cik wana- kna tanya pengarah rumah a.k.a. abg syg
9. confirmkan masuk barang - done
10. urusan motor - half done

Rumah Lama:
1. Write letter to MARA - not yet
2. Ambil deposit - will do
3. deposit TNB - will do
4. Bayar sewa last - will do
5. Unfasten our beds and cupboards - not yet
6. find boxes - dlm process
7. find old news papers - dlm process
8. kemas barang - on the way

My house in Putrajaya:
1. Kemas barang - not yet
2. amik cuti - done
3. hantar baju raya - done

Hopefully everything will be fine...* worried*

08 June 2010

Life goes on..

As we welcome the month of June to us (OMG, blum ganti puasa!) timbul rasa sedih because cepat sangat masa berlalu..n skrg pn tgh school holidays..bestnye zaman sekolah2 dulu..

I want to take this chance to wish to of my sis from UDM..Kak Lin n Kak sema..selamat pengantin baru..For kak Lin, x sempat nk attend wedding sebab ada kursus..but looking at her pictures yg students smua post, she looks very2 beautiful...n kak sema, sempat juga wish tahniah walaupun seketika..dapat gak berkat pengantin baru..cm harap2 nk jadi baru semula je..wawa :)

Alhamdulillah, klu according to plan..insya Allah kami akan berpindah end of this month. Sounds big kn. yela. coz it involves big lorries kn. i cannot imagine nak leave Terengganu behind..dah nearly 5 years bermastautin kat cni..enjoy pantai n sotong celup tepung..tp we had to move for our future jugak. xlarat dah jadi PJJ..hopefully everything goes well..

last month ada 2 kursus yg berturut2, very2 tiring. this month, ada jgk, tp just go with the flow. tp now lbh memetingkn preparation nak pindah..n maybe this month kna travel again juga..

hm..kadang2 i'm very2 worried juga about him. if abaikan dia. tp what makes me think the most is tp let him being independent..or not? dulu masa jadi housewife, i'll do the cooking, laundry n everything..tp skrg, everything he did it by himself. terasa saya yg abaikan tanggungjawab.. but i know his intentions were good. after a full week of work. bila saya bangun pagi, sarapan dah tersedia. and baju saya dh dibasuh n dijemur *terkejut*.sgt2 terharu. but pada masa yang sama, terlintas juga difikiran..if dia dh rasa fully independent..n he can live without me, what if? risau juga, lama dia tanpa saya, komunikasi pun berbeza...what if dia lupa saya ada disisinya?

Honestly, after i started working full time, mmg agak x larat nak uruskan rumah..balik dh maghrib. risau juga when we will live together nanti. mampu x dia faham. tp my azam: makan vitamin biar ada energy nak uruskan rumah :) kna adjust everything back kn. tp starting something new is exciting :)

p/s- she2 and caca..tabahlah kamoo ya..best jumpa korg..