28 May 2010

House of dreams (part II)- backstab?

Finally,last week we got a deal on rumah 2 tingkat kat area equine tuh..
Smua ok firstly, we all dh bagi deal, dh bayar deposit..
Tuan rumah said that no need to pay the june rental yet coz its not even june yet (okla)
And we managed to find a malay tuan rumah
Niat di hati, anggap nak tolong sesama melayu and also easier to discussla kn..
So we anggap smua dh settle, smua dh bayar, and as i could't make it this week and next week to see the house owner (kursus), we promised to meet as soon as possible the weekend after i finished everything..
I did not worryla kan sebab we already paid everything, and they also wanted to put on the grills first..
My hubby already book the transport for us pindah there, in a way, semua dh set la kan..


During my kursus in Shah Alam last week, I 'lencong' for a while ms kursus, and surf internet kejap, n masuk laman web Mudah..www.mudah.my.
Usually i love to see ada interesting 2nd hand books there (ada yg very cheap)..
I accidently termasuk kat ruangan home for rent..
and ada iklan yang caught my eye~
basically sebab kat area yg sama, n no phone tuan rumah yang nk dekat sama gak..

I called my husband, dia x percaya at first..I x puas hati..my hunch kata its our house..
so i pn call no tu, as b4 this we both use my hubby's number, so dia x tau my number..
and guess what..
Tuan rumah tu letak higher price. tp x lebih rm50 pun..OMG..Whats the point? Test power??

I must confess i'm still angry during typing this postla..
niat nak amik melayu tp klu dorg wat cmni, no point..
when i called that 2nd time, dia mmg promo rumah tu btl2 kat i..
kata xde org lg..same adress lg..
sakit sgt hati ni..
nk untung lebih, tp hati letak mana??
Tp actually klu dia nk minta lebih harga 2nd tu pun xpe coz x lbh rm50 pn!!!!

Rs cm nk trus terang je kat no 2nd to kn, actually, its my house dah kn..
tp my hubby kata tgu dulu..


takut dia plgkan balik duit sebab dapat dapat tawaran lebih rm50 tu, n kita xde rumah...
xlarat i nk pg cari lg :'(
but my hubby asked me to trust him..
okla..i will..

Harap2 smua okla..
supposed to be ok sebab dh confirm n dh bayar..
ingat mudah ke dapat duit???

tp pape pn;
what goes around comes around kn..
if they can lied to us like that..
maybe ada hikmahnya kn..
ada yg lbh baik ke kn..

Doakan ye all..

p/s- i'm the kind of person yang sekali kena, selamanya x kn percaya~

24 May 2010

House of Dreams..

Recently, my husband and me went house-hunting together as he'll be continuing his studies in UPM later next month. so we're targeting the area of Putrajaya, Serdang, Sri Kembangan n Equine. Its somewhere in the middle for both of us. All the area had its pros and cons..hm.. many had been asking me..

" why x mohon kuarters"

well, my dear friends..as a matter of fact, i already did..but it takes 5-6 months to process the application, as now, there are about 2000++ people wanted to live there. Tp x taula if ada rezeki, it depends jugakla kan..hopefully, adala peluang..i dah minta downgrade pn xpe..(rela)..if ikut standard, for 41, we can get a double storey terrace house..kinda big as well. but for me, the apartment is not bad at all, spacious as well, so..ok la kn..plus, dekat dgn tmpt keje (naik basikal je pasni)..

In Putrajaya, its basically 99% kuarters. ada kuarters for rent (sendiri2) but jarang heboh2..usually, between family n friends je. as i am new here, nak bina link tu pun not strong enough lagi..most of my friends pn live in Dengkil je (sebelah Putrajaya).. Serdang and Sri Kembangan pn ok, although the prices are quite high (klu dekat2 UPM)..klu jauh skit, murah skit tp payah pulak nk gerak pg UPM+hatchery for my abg.as for yg equine..hm..many new housing areas along the way to KLIA, tp jauh sgt from UPM kira..

I find that the Equine area tu cm very2 suitable je for us..near UPM, Putrajaya n also to his hatchery (5 minit je!)..the prices, okla..but mostly kat cni smuanya managed by retail agents..so banyak caj lebih..ada yg cakap berbelit2 pn ada..mentangla i kecik n cam budak2 (geram), so they all treat us sambil lewa je..ada yang penat2 we find the house (ada kata for rent), janji2 manis kalahkan org bercinta, tup2, sampai the place, kata xde pulak..betul2 cm FISH. what makes me really2 angry is those type of people really2 wasting our time. and those people who did not want to work with us..well, payah nk cakap pasal org yang pilih2 ni..

Actually this time around, i really2 wanted a house with laman..yela, since we've married n duk apartment, ok je, but ada chance and rezeki lebih..harap2 adala peluang. X kisahlah 1 tingkat or 2..tp my fav mestilah double storey..adala beberapa rumah yang ok.."Double storey, 4 rooms, 3 toilets, 20 x 75.."
Why nak rumah besar padahal duk berdua (nasibla my mother in law x tanya soalan nih).. hm..bukan besar sgt pn kan..one thing is to accomodate family yang datang biar lebih selesa..mak ke abah ke..adik ke..cm okla kan..n if ada our friends nak tumpang tdo jadi transit pn xpe..and jugak, untuk si kucing :)

Cari pnye cari pnye cari..adala yang price ok..tp tup2 lidah bercabang plak.lebih bercabang daripada ular. so we found another two..tp yelah, not sure yet cmne..as here format dia kna bayar 2+1..very2 strictla..hopefully ada rezeki for it..n mampu bayar..

N then my husband cadangkan duk apartment again. oh.no.ala.

But apartment cni pn agak mahal2 la..lbh krg sama dgn teres jgk..tp banyak yang ada swimming pool (burqini?)..hm.. xtaula..harap2 dapat yang teres..klu duk apartment, takut x leh bawak si kucing lak. kna bagi Salmah suh replace si Ahmad la kot..huhu..yela, before this I only agree we gave si kucing to a mak angkat only masa dh ada si kecik nanti.. :(

well, probably people feels weird why i'm so emo about my cat (he's only a cat)..haha..my answer..genetic kot..haha..cannot be helped. I wanted to open a cattery one day (yela, hubby buka hatchery, merajuk je bagi kucing makan ikan2 tuh, nice strategy kn?) but skrg ni, anjing n kucing pn byk dh baik..n kucing2 bela x brape suka pn mkn2 ikan yg bela nih..

Harap2 adala rezeki nak duk sana. But if ada yg lebih baik, harap2 terbukala hati kami..mana tau esk tup2 dapat kuarters..if ada friends or students yang bleh bantu (bg pendapat pn xpe), plz help ek (maklumla, br nk try jd org KL)..Maybe mula2 ni agak susah skitla kn..nanti kereta dh ada, smua jd lebih lancar, insya ALLAH :)

18 May 2010

Be strong..

Its been quite a month for me in my working life..everyday is a challenge itself, and brings me many new surprises. Its like more than i ever, ever expected before this. Alhamdullilah, for ALLAH had gave me this chance. As a government servant, we had been warned of certain things, such as gambling..etc..but the main thing is, stay away from corruption. If the temptation is too great, we had to think back on the main reasons why do we work..
- to help parents
-to improve lives
-to build a better future for our family..

everything starts from 'niat', and if we really want to do this for our love ones, Insya Allah, everything will be fine..

17 May 2010

lawfully me..

During my primary school years, i remembered that upon arriving our UPSR date, we have all kinds of motivational speeches, campings, and many more. One thing that I will always remember until now- is to "cari jodoh in university", words of wisdom from a well known speaker for us. Well, most of us spend our school years along with 'cinta monyet'. I, for once, never had the chance to really feel what is 'cinta monyet'. The positive side is that i can focus on my studies. The bad side, well, its the sign that i'm not gorgeous..true, i never take care of myself and my image during school years..

So as we go along, step by step, from school, collage, universities..sometimes as we look back on our lives, we simply cannot believe how time moves so fast. Really, I never regret anything during my school years, except to do maybe a little bit better.Hm, now..as i'm married and working life begins, it's really easy to thinks, "bestnya zaman sekolah dulu" huhu..

I'm really2 worried with my job right now.As i am posted to the law section, it means that, 1. I have to work hard, and 2nd I have to catch up fast, especially with law terms. And that is what killing me right now..OMG..I cannot imagine i have to learn it all. really, i cannot write a report without knowing what it means. My team and me seems like to be speaking in two different worlds. I have to learn low. Is there any book on 'law for dummies'? hm..Speaking of learning something that u have no basic on..i rather had my Colletotrichum gloeosporioides any day..

Talking and sharing problems with my husband and friends really helps a lot, especially when we discover that we all had the same problems..hehe..and of course, being a student is waaayyy better than being in the workforce..

Believe me.

p/s- tension, so merapu sket :)

11 May 2010

Putrapost..from my view..

hm..at last i can find some time to update about my life right here..been so busy n so tired..yela..budak baru belajar..lately, i just realized that i haven't told readers what goes on here, and i'm going to elaborate further now..

currently i'm staying in Presinct 9 Putrajaya with some friends. I must say its not a bad place to stay, especially when the 1Malaysia concept can be practically used here (haha). Nearby my house we had restaurants, stalls, 7 eleven and most importantly, its nearby to bus stops, easily assessable as the buses are always on time. also, it is nearby to Putrajaya Central, where we can catch KL Transit to the airport or city, or simple ride Adik Beradik, Transnasional, Mutiara, Mega Jaya, and Kesatuan from here to Terengganu :). Well, for me, my choice is Trans (as usual) or adik beradik. Hm, this is because for trans, their tickets are exchangable. very2 practical for someone who has unpredictable schedule, like me :)

Currently, I rode a bus to and fro from work. and this means i seldom work until night time. buses are available until 11pm here, but not many people will be available at night, so..i had to plan my work. been planning to get a transportation method but haven't pass its syarat wajib yet. hopefully, before end of this year, Insya ALLAH :)

The bus fare here is 50 cents wherever we want to go, and how far we wanna go. this means that if u wanna go Alamanda from my house i'll be 50 cents. from my house to Putrajaya Central (nearby) will be also 50 cents. really2 cheap. plus, passes can be bought monthly as well. so far,so good..

About the food pulak..well don't compare it to Terengganu la kn. A bit pricey. wrong choice of shops means that Pricey+ x sedap..right choice of shops means pricey but nice. blehla diet skit for sesapa yang nk..huhu..

I choose WP3 as my work time..it means that start to work at 8.30am until 5.30pm. here, we have three types of worktime which are WP1, WP2, WP3. As for Wp1, their work time starts at 7.30-4.30pm, and WP2 8.00-5.00 (standard). as for me, i choose WP3 practically coz i cannot see myself to be back by 5.00pm everyday. so, its better to sleep more and work more, right? hehe..plus, the traffic is more smooth after 8.00 am..

On my job..

Last week i went to KK, Sabah with my bosses..and KK was not bad. nice weather. It kinda like the clouds are nearer to us here..hm, the traffic is kinda like JB, not as bad as KL. But i haven't got the time to shop anything, pearls..etc..but the main reason i went here is for learning, so i didn't feel that bad. currently i'm really2 considering to go to Kundasang for a holiday. 2nd honeymoon maybe? hehe.. insya ALLAH. There's so many places i want to explore there, and the Sabah boss already offered a good place to go for honeymoon. hm. klu ada rezeki insya Allah boleh..and take a peek of mount Kinabalu..the other place we've considered is actually Bali..but then again..its the safety factor that worries me a lot..hm.on the other hand, honeymoon kat umah jela pn ok :)

(br mula keje dh fikir pasal cuti. cehhhhhh~)

We stayed in Promenade Hotel in KK. Nice hotel, strategically located. My boss sponsored my meal along my trip (yeay)..it means a lot, especially for someone yang blum gaji like me..the food in Sabah is kinda different..for me, its kinda tawar skit..they say its because a lot of chinese like to eat that way. We went to Kampung Nelayan for dinner and had BBQ steamboat, while watching a culture show. One thing i've noticed is there are a lot of shopping complexes there. just like JB. Not too much like KL..

At the end of this month i have to attend a course in Intekma Shah Alam. So, it'll be nice to learn something new again :) hopefully everything goes well..

Pictures will be updated later ya :)

Take care..

p/s- sesapa ada rumah untuk disewa@ ada info mgenai rumah untuk disewa kat area Putrajaya..plz inform me k..jasa anda amatlah dihargai~