26 July 2010


Realiti kehidupan kita bagaikan roda...sekejap di atas , sekejap di bawah..that is why kalau nak buat jahat pada orang lain..dengki pada orang lain..fikir dulu betul2. tidak mustahil benda tu akan terkena kita juga kn..Tp sampai hatila for the people yang wt cmni kn..

Benda yang ditakuti tu berlaku lagi..Benar bila orang kata, klu belum rezeki kita, maka berusaha macam mana pun, tetap bukan milik kita. Sesungguhnya semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya..Fokus pada kerjaya yang masih merangkak. Fokus pada rumah yang perlukan perhatian lebih untuk dikemas ketika ini. Fokus pada suami yang setia menunggu dan tidak putus2 memberikan sokongan dan harapan..

Sebagai manusia yang lemah, sedikit rahmat dan rezeki yang ditarik olehNYA mampu melemahkan kita. Padahal makan minum cukup, pakaian cukup, semua lengkap. Semua di sekeliling kita merupakan rezeki yang telah dikurnia olehnya. Cuma mungkin kita x sedar..

Sesungguhnya aku tidak pernah menyesal dengan jalan yang kupilih ini. Ku redha ia telah ditakdirkan untukku, dan sebagai hamba NYA, aku harus redha. Namun keberanian masih belum kukuh di dalah hatiku, lebih-lebih lagi hanya sedetik bisa merubah segalanya.

Hanya masa yang menentukan.

p/s - DIA lebih tahu....

20 July 2010

Twilight: eclipse review

Now, i must admit that i'm one the twilight devotees who had patiently waited for this movie to be released in cinemas. and finding time to catch it is also a TALL order..Finally, the wait is over and last week, my hubby agreed to accompany me to see this movie (surprising really, especially because he did not like cinemas)..and he even bought the tickets..so..

After watching the movie, i must say that it is kinda disappointing for me..huhu..of course i did not expect it follow the book directly.but for me, the movie is so messy and moves very2 fast!! i mean, it looked like the characters haven't had enough time even to breath..

There are some scenes which did not follow the book which I think its quite unnecessary coz the book is good enough..
+the scene in the school cafeteria when Alice saw her vision---> booring conversation topics
+the scene where Bella broke her hand from punching Jacob.
+the scene where Jacob bring Bella along to his 'wolf' family. in the book, Bella was asleep before it ends..hehe..
+before the fight, Jacob heard that Bella wants to marry Edward. NOT in the book. I think its not necessary as well. save it for breaking dawn..
+many more. x larat nak ulas~

Fav scene: During the storm and Bella was freezing, Jacob wanted to hug Bella and keep her warm..saying to Edward "I'm hotter than you" tee--hee.. :)

p/s-waiting for harry potter's final movie :)

13 July 2010

together again..

At last my hubby and I are together again..and i hope there are no more PJJs ever again. So this means i'll start to cook again as usual, but honestly, maybe not that often due to my tiring schedule. I'll try my best though. Both of us will try to be orang KL as they say..as we have to endure the traffic in mornings and evenings..Send me to work then UPM..

I must say i haven't settle down yet in our new home. Two stories high, haha..it takes time for us to put things together and also the long cleaning process. I must say we both did not have enuff time cleaning and put things away. With me working and him going to and fro Putrajaya- Kuala Terengganu at the end of the week, its hard to settle down just as yet. I must admit that i'm still scared to stay alone..hehe (its normal at first)..

as for our house moving experience..

I cannot say it was a bad moment, although now i'm missing Terengganu like crazy (beaches and all that)..but everything was in order. My in laws packed lunch for all of us and our scouts (tee-hee) and i must say that the lorry workers (we hired a lorry, note: a lorry is enough, for now) are amazing and really hardworking. I felt that they really drive safely, good at time management and took care of our things well (oh, si kucing..)

Speaking of Si kucing, I had a really shocking experience with him during our pindah rumah. When we arrived in KL that night, and our van driver (I don't like him) stop for awhile at the gas station. My hubby checked our things in the lorry as we stopped together. He told me that everything was fine..well..but he did not tell me that si kucing was missing..

I only noticed when we arrived at our house and while he carried the cats cage..I must admit that I went really2 panic..but we found the cat was still up in the lorry. All this was because the cats cage were not fasten well..

Although I said before that I did not really mind anything happen to our pets, i mean, we already took every precaution..it hits me hard during that time..in my head i could only imagine that he jumped from the lorry and got hit by a car, especially on highways..i'll be more careful after this..anyway, after we transfered him to his old cage (wonder why he loves it so much), in no time he settled down..end of problem :)

pictures will be uploaded later :)

Rumah lama ms kat ganu..ni kwsn ruang tamu

ni kawasan akuarium kat ganu..smua dh kemas..

Bilik tdo utama..