23 February 2010


Already the end of February..and its been a while since i've written here..been very2 busy..as usual. i must say its not easy to balance everything perfectly, and it involves a lot of sacrifices..as for me, it involves the feeling of tiredness i guess :)

On the 18th of February last week, we celebrated our 4th year couple anniversary. before this, i'm not sure whether to make a big deal out of it coz we're already married. well, we decided not to celebrate it as big as our wedding anniversary, but its good just to remember the best memories before. buang yg keruh and ambil yg jernih..

I decided not to go to Cameron this week coz there are many problems..after a lot of thinking. xpela, there's always next time..

new virtual villagers dh kluar. yeay.
tp no time to play. huhu~~p/s~its nearly 6 month that we got married :)

16 February 2010

after a long weekend

Funny how I felt that, the holidays were a breeze. today, everything is back to normal again. time flies so fast. the traffic in Terengganu is so bad..especially around Pasar Payang. there are some renovation works in front of the pasar..where the parking lot should be. so the traffic comes from bad-to-worse, as tourist parked their cars everywhere down the road..but. it'll be only like this for few days..right?

this week also marks the mid semester break for students. a 1 whole week break. i remember during my degree days, i would buy ticket back to JB really2 early : Transnasional, KT-JB, 8.30pm, single seat..must be a single seat coz i do not want to sit with guys- haha~

For the chinese new year holidays, we spend our days by going to a picnic and fishing for fun :) it was a good experience..although the weather is so, so hot. hotter than usual. the funny thing was we did caught a lot of fish- for si kucing :) and it was a lot of fun. i did not know that fishing was alot of fun before..i cooked meehun goreng for the trip..i'll include the photos later..

other than that, we cleaned our house as we both had been very2 busy on the weeks before. As for V-day, we had a funny experience that I like to share..we actually had been advised by a man on V-day- coz we were walking hand-in-hand together..he said 'mentang2la hr kekasih, pegang2 tangan pulak'..well, i should point out that we were married, and as for him, should he asked us first? well, we just shrugged the thing of and positive thinking- we looked 'awet muda' and that is why he approched us (although there are so many other couples dating around,haha :)

if we know what will happen for the future kn best..huhu~

this year is the tiger's year..my birth animal year..every 12 year cycle..
and that means i'm going to turn 24 this year..
OMG...dh tua..

p/s- i don't know why i love tigers so much..maybe they are in the cat family i guess..

Long term goal: to open up a bengal cattery (bleh lwn dgn hatchery kn bang)


11 February 2010


honestly, the reason i went for this trip is by the request of my husband. but i did not regret it at all :). we went to three places, and i must admit although i'm a plant person, but it did not stop me from getting information and learning about fishes. plus, there was a section on post harvest of fishes..for this trip, we went with the 3rd year students.

i can conclude that we've done more shopping than learning actually-hahaha :). we went to the Mines again, but we decided not to watch movies, but just walking around and buying around. there is a pet store in the mines which is quite cheap, compared to terengganu. so si kucing n the geng got some ole2 as well :)
in Jelebu- very nice aquascaping

a very2 big place,but in a quite rural area

research on arowana? wow :)

in fish breeding lab

and of course-posing time :)

for the second day :
in UPM hatchery, puchong

not much different from UMT..
but the advantage is on the size of this hatchery

third day: haruan~

moving after dawn..

very2 hot..with no big trees

the workers+ few 'part timers' were harvesting the fish :)

baby haruan

arowana pond

(frogs for food)
will the real prince plz stand up??

can't imagine how people eat frogs..and how the indonesian ulama' said that frog legs are halal~~huhu..i'm so not going to siang that frog~~


Its february already

its F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y already!! and i still haven't done my work yet. been so busy with both worlds. need to up my pace- a lot. well, usually on the month of february, we always put both words- February and valentine's day together. considered as lovers day~ by most humans. as for me, i've never ever celebrate it-ever as my hubby did not want to mark it in our calender. based on facts, actually..and he even before we were married- we did not celebrate it as we considered everyday as valentine's day (cheh,jiwang lak) :)

as for the last week of January and earlier this week, i've followed my hubby to two different trips- one to MARDI serdang for soil science subject (actually, i've went there to meet my mentor, and my dearest kak jun n kak lin) and also aquaculture trips to Jelebu, Puchong and Rawang. Both were very2 memorable. we've stayed in Mardi hq in Serdang for both trips, and boy, that place was very2 nice..

For soil science subject, we went together with 2nd year agriculture biotech students. there were 40 of them, and we all stayed in MARDI. comfortable MARDI. haha. upon arriving, the students wanted to go to Mines, and we obliged. A LOT had changed since i was there before (2 years before), there was a new section in the building, new shops, more branded shops..but still no Vincci?? anyway, the Mines trademark, a small stream in the middle of the complex was still there. i haven't tried it-yet before, but maybe next time :) however, i found out the bookstore in Mines are very2 expensive..compared to KLCC, Alamanda..not worth it.

We started our trip by breakfast, courtesy of MARDI and went to a full day of exploring there. i took a chance to go to my place before~ pathology lab, horticulture section. not much had change, new partition for eating, praying, and get this- new rooms for isolating and doing molecular pathology!! :) i'm planning to take a week break from here to learn more on virus (as not many people are skillful with virus, and also molecular pathology). dunno when, but i'll try to make it..

the best thing was seeing kak jun and kak lin again :) kak jun did not change much, but she is suffering from aching knees..well, she did work too hard..imagine, from just being a field worker when she joined MARDI, she's now an ARO. its really2 something to be proud of. kak lin, well, she just finished 'pantang'..very2 murah rezeki. they informed me that MARDI has many vacancies in pathology, as many of their staff are retiring. but knowing my luck..i doubt it..Dr nik is also there..ha..feeling very2 happy to see them all..

for me, the purpose of that trip is also helping me to get fresh ideas.and also, more experiences..
in Mardi's business center

students in the new organic farming sector

pineapple flower-multiple fruit

organic chicken-dunno bout the taste, but the price- very2 expensive...

MARDI's doing research on tomato-kinda interesting :)

posing with the tomatoes..well..we were students once before, rite?

overall, it was a nice trip, and i'm hoping to see them again this March, Insya Allah...

p/s- still trying to find the silver lining~