26 October 2009


i'm sure everyone has their own types of phobia..and for me, i just developed a new one during the Ramadan. its kinda funny actually..haha..hopefully someone can help me overcome it ASAP :)

This year's Ramadan is really special coz its the first time that my hubby and I spend our time as husband and wife..after 3 years of knowing each other and all that we had been through. some people said it was pretty early as we're only 23, but for me..well, i have my priorities. of course everyone wants to have a successful life etc..and for me, i can focus to other parts of my life knowing that i already have him. I felt lucky that there is someone who will be cheering for me with all his heart for me to succeed, console and encourage me when i fail. its a bonus for me to have someone to catch me when i fall, and for someone who had went through so much failure like me..having him really changed my life for the better. bersyukur to ALLAH, Alhamdulillah :)

So after Terawih, we went to buy stuff in Giant..and for 'mentong' that day we decided to buy some mix sausages,fries, etc.. so I fried them the first thing I got home.However, bad luck for me..as I fried the last batch of sausages- the sausage exploded. all of them!! and the hot oil+ sausages hit me full force to my left eye,hands, fingers, even my legs. the pain was so bad that i was crying really2 hard..which alerted my husband. the funny thing is as i was crying in pain, i was still clutching the sudip i was holding (haha..have to go to panic management course).

After applying toothpaste,egg yolk,etc,etc..to all the painful areas, the burn marks were already visible. my husband was in shocked to see the extend of my injuries (does he think that i am acting before? haha..) I'm not a big fan of clinic-doctors- hospitals-nurses and had no mood to go to the pharmacy..so we used minyak gamat instead. I had burned my left eyelids (thank god no injuries to the eyes, probably because of reflexive action), a bit of the left side of my face, most fingers from my left hand, left arm, left leg- guess i was posing to my left during the facade :)

The worst thing was we will be going to my in laws in Kelantan the next day to buka puasa together. I realize how bad i look (all because of sausages). although everything went smoothy, i was wincing in pain during the trip and very scared to fried anything takut meletup. and Although i'm already free from the burn marks now, there are still scars that i would like to get rid off- thankfully none on my face (planning to use mederma, is it good?)

The consequences from the 'tragedy'..haha.. is that i'm, still scared to fry food until now. I draw the line in frying chicken n fish..anything which have a high risk in meletup-ing me. So now, my husband will do all the frying for us and our cats, with me doing all the marinating before that. thank God that he doesn't mind and consoling me that everything takes time. actually, i'm not geli at it-not the gedik way, but i'm scared of it. I have to overcome this problem fast..as it is silly (but not for me,hu). during raya, my sis in law asked me to fry some chickens and i panicked~~~

To overcome this problem once n for all (haha) i decided to try using bigger pan and longer sudip. my husband recently bought the longest penyepit that i ever seen (haha), and he asked me to use my gloves if i'm still scared..unfortunately i had to wear gloves most of the time because of my infection..huhu. i was joking the other day to him about wanting a mask to protect my face during frying, but he asked me to use his full face covered helmet instead..hahaha.. :)

so now, i'm still scared to fry meletup things (haha) and i try to cook anything that doesnt involve those things. hopefully, i can fry again soon without feeling scared (haha~)..

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