04 September 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

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Are you moist enuff???

As a hardworking wife and daughter, balancing my time had always been a top priority. It doesn’t matter if i was at work or at home, i tried to take care of myself to the fullest. However, one thing for sure - i could never get the perfect recipe of the perfect skin- eat healthily, balanced diet, sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink 8 glasses per day, exercise at least 3 times a week..and the list goes on..

Some people think that wearing a veil (tudung) is a really good way to cover up the flaws on your skin. That is WAY too wrong. You can only be comfortable with yourself if you have confidence. As a women, i must admit that being attractive is one of the most important thing in our lives - if u don’t believe me, just see how many cosmetics that are selling like hotcakes today; and how much women pay over them each time.

So although i’m wearing a veil, i feel that having a perfect skin is also important. The skin shines with the owner. Skin is the first thing that other people realize when we communicate (our face). And it is also the first thing that our loved ones feels (during salam or when we hold hands). Now, who says that being a veil wearing woman, having a perfect skin wasn’t important? Infact, i’m sure many will agree with me that it is the most important thing of all, as first impression is everything.

Looking at the question, i’m not moist enough. No. nope. We often put our skincare, especially the face first. Spending hundreds on them. But how about the rest of the body?

Surely, Vaseline, as the expert skincare brand launches the Amazing Skin Campaign to remind us on the importance to maintain your amazing skin. So,let ur skin to shine and just simply kiss your dry skin bye-bye.

Its not too late to change; correction: its never to late to change.

With four types of range, surely everyone can pick the one which suites their needs, right??

The best part: it cheaper than your make-up :)

Must start to use now so we can be awarded for "The Most Vibrant Skin" yeah...

Let your dreams come true...with Vaseline :)

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  1. ayu. jadi promoter vaseline kah?hihi. my hands are not moist enough, a bit rough. vaseline ok ek? will giv a try kalo ok..