02 September 2010

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Starting this year, the 16th of September is officially declared a national holiday for Malaysia. On this day, named the 2nd most important date for the country after 31 of August, marked the date of birth of our beloved country with Sabah and Sarawak, thus named Malaysia, after the likes of Tanah Melayu and Malaya. Personally, i agree that we highlight this day, all to portray the importance of being a Malaysian and being together as one.

Currently highlighted in the media today were several racist cases, from Namawee to a teacher in Johor. As we can see, mostly who did this were the young ones - whom did not suffer the war with the Japanese, and how hard it was to obtain this independence. Learning History in school is not enough. To think how these type of people take an important issue for granted is really2 sad and frustrating. Thus, fire can't be tamed with fire. Hopefully, all of us can think carefully and logically, plus shows some values for our country.

Our independence is really precious. Lets guard it wisely.

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