13 November 2011

Last Day...

Today is my last day of my maternity leave..how time flies so fast..my 3 months holiday period are over. already. To tell u the truth, i am feeling very sad as i had to leave my beautiful baby girl in Taska now..but then again, *ibu kena keje nak beli mainan Auni* alasan I still miss her so much after out 2 weeks trial, sending her to taska everyday to train her. Kejap je, but then, i still miss her *sigh*..

We had already bought our car seat for her as my husband or me can fetch her if one of us is unavailable. As sometimes I had meetings until 7pm++, I'd say a car seat is a must. You won't catch me driving while holding her. ada gak yang buat gitu, i find it really dangerous especially on a manual car and driving here. Car seat is not compulsory in Malaysia yet right now. Well, here are some pictures..hope everything goes well...

ni dia..brand murah2 je..sweet cherry..nk brand ferrari x cukup pitih~
testing testing...bolehlah..
bolehlah...sampai tertido :)

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