11 February 2010


honestly, the reason i went for this trip is by the request of my husband. but i did not regret it at all :). we went to three places, and i must admit although i'm a plant person, but it did not stop me from getting information and learning about fishes. plus, there was a section on post harvest of fishes..for this trip, we went with the 3rd year students.

i can conclude that we've done more shopping than learning actually-hahaha :). we went to the Mines again, but we decided not to watch movies, but just walking around and buying around. there is a pet store in the mines which is quite cheap, compared to terengganu. so si kucing n the geng got some ole2 as well :)
in Jelebu- very nice aquascaping

a very2 big place,but in a quite rural area

research on arowana? wow :)

in fish breeding lab

and of course-posing time :)

for the second day :
in UPM hatchery, puchong

not much different from UMT..
but the advantage is on the size of this hatchery

third day: haruan~

moving after dawn..

very2 hot..with no big trees

the workers+ few 'part timers' were harvesting the fish :)

baby haruan

arowana pond

(frogs for food)
will the real prince plz stand up??

can't imagine how people eat frogs..and how the indonesian ulama' said that frog legs are halal~~huhu..i'm so not going to siang that frog~~


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