16 February 2010

after a long weekend

Funny how I felt that, the holidays were a breeze. today, everything is back to normal again. time flies so fast. the traffic in Terengganu is so bad..especially around Pasar Payang. there are some renovation works in front of the pasar..where the parking lot should be. so the traffic comes from bad-to-worse, as tourist parked their cars everywhere down the road..but. it'll be only like this for few days..right?

this week also marks the mid semester break for students. a 1 whole week break. i remember during my degree days, i would buy ticket back to JB really2 early : Transnasional, KT-JB, 8.30pm, single seat..must be a single seat coz i do not want to sit with guys- haha~

For the chinese new year holidays, we spend our days by going to a picnic and fishing for fun :) it was a good experience..although the weather is so, so hot. hotter than usual. the funny thing was we did caught a lot of fish- for si kucing :) and it was a lot of fun. i did not know that fishing was alot of fun before..i cooked meehun goreng for the trip..i'll include the photos later..

other than that, we cleaned our house as we both had been very2 busy on the weeks before. As for V-day, we had a funny experience that I like to share..we actually had been advised by a man on V-day- coz we were walking hand-in-hand together..he said 'mentang2la hr kekasih, pegang2 tangan pulak'..well, i should point out that we were married, and as for him, should he asked us first? well, we just shrugged the thing of and positive thinking- we looked 'awet muda' and that is why he approched us (although there are so many other couples dating around,haha :)

if we know what will happen for the future kn best..huhu~

this year is the tiger's year..my birth animal year..every 12 year cycle..
and that means i'm going to turn 24 this year..
OMG...dh tua..

p/s- i don't know why i love tigers so much..maybe they are in the cat family i guess..

Long term goal: to open up a bengal cattery (bleh lwn dgn hatchery kn bang)



  1. because of we dun know what futre gonna be..thats why no mr future..only mr yesterday...huhu

    that V-day story really funny hahahah...

  2. hehe..tp jgn terlalu mengenang yesterday pulak..nanti x maju nanti tau :)

    cuti ni blk kmpg x?