23 February 2010


Already the end of February..and its been a while since i've written here..been very2 busy..as usual. i must say its not easy to balance everything perfectly, and it involves a lot of sacrifices..as for me, it involves the feeling of tiredness i guess :)

On the 18th of February last week, we celebrated our 4th year couple anniversary. before this, i'm not sure whether to make a big deal out of it coz we're already married. well, we decided not to celebrate it as big as our wedding anniversary, but its good just to remember the best memories before. buang yg keruh and ambil yg jernih..

I decided not to go to Cameron this week coz there are many problems..after a lot of thinking. xpela, there's always next time..

new virtual villagers dh kluar. yeay.
tp no time to play. huhu~~p/s~its nearly 6 month that we got married :)

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