28 May 2010

House of dreams (part II)- backstab?

Finally,last week we got a deal on rumah 2 tingkat kat area equine tuh..
Smua ok firstly, we all dh bagi deal, dh bayar deposit..
Tuan rumah said that no need to pay the june rental yet coz its not even june yet (okla)
And we managed to find a malay tuan rumah
Niat di hati, anggap nak tolong sesama melayu and also easier to discussla kn..
So we anggap smua dh settle, smua dh bayar, and as i could't make it this week and next week to see the house owner (kursus), we promised to meet as soon as possible the weekend after i finished everything..
I did not worryla kan sebab we already paid everything, and they also wanted to put on the grills first..
My hubby already book the transport for us pindah there, in a way, semua dh set la kan..


During my kursus in Shah Alam last week, I 'lencong' for a while ms kursus, and surf internet kejap, n masuk laman web Mudah..www.mudah.my.
Usually i love to see ada interesting 2nd hand books there (ada yg very cheap)..
I accidently termasuk kat ruangan home for rent..
and ada iklan yang caught my eye~
basically sebab kat area yg sama, n no phone tuan rumah yang nk dekat sama gak..

I called my husband, dia x percaya at first..I x puas hati..my hunch kata its our house..
so i pn call no tu, as b4 this we both use my hubby's number, so dia x tau my number..
and guess what..
Tuan rumah tu letak higher price. tp x lebih rm50 pun..OMG..Whats the point? Test power??

I must confess i'm still angry during typing this postla..
niat nak amik melayu tp klu dorg wat cmni, no point..
when i called that 2nd time, dia mmg promo rumah tu btl2 kat i..
kata xde org lg..same adress lg..
sakit sgt hati ni..
nk untung lebih, tp hati letak mana??
Tp actually klu dia nk minta lebih harga 2nd tu pun xpe coz x lbh rm50 pn!!!!

Rs cm nk trus terang je kat no 2nd to kn, actually, its my house dah kn..
tp my hubby kata tgu dulu..


takut dia plgkan balik duit sebab dapat dapat tawaran lebih rm50 tu, n kita xde rumah...
xlarat i nk pg cari lg :'(
but my hubby asked me to trust him..
okla..i will..

Harap2 smua okla..
supposed to be ok sebab dh confirm n dh bayar..
ingat mudah ke dapat duit???

tp pape pn;
what goes around comes around kn..
if they can lied to us like that..
maybe ada hikmahnya kn..
ada yg lbh baik ke kn..

Doakan ye all..

p/s- i'm the kind of person yang sekali kena, selamanya x kn percaya~

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