17 May 2010

lawfully me..

During my primary school years, i remembered that upon arriving our UPSR date, we have all kinds of motivational speeches, campings, and many more. One thing that I will always remember until now- is to "cari jodoh in university", words of wisdom from a well known speaker for us. Well, most of us spend our school years along with 'cinta monyet'. I, for once, never had the chance to really feel what is 'cinta monyet'. The positive side is that i can focus on my studies. The bad side, well, its the sign that i'm not gorgeous..true, i never take care of myself and my image during school years..

So as we go along, step by step, from school, collage, universities..sometimes as we look back on our lives, we simply cannot believe how time moves so fast. Really, I never regret anything during my school years, except to do maybe a little bit better.Hm, now..as i'm married and working life begins, it's really easy to thinks, "bestnya zaman sekolah dulu" huhu..

I'm really2 worried with my job right now.As i am posted to the law section, it means that, 1. I have to work hard, and 2nd I have to catch up fast, especially with law terms. And that is what killing me right now..OMG..I cannot imagine i have to learn it all. really, i cannot write a report without knowing what it means. My team and me seems like to be speaking in two different worlds. I have to learn low. Is there any book on 'law for dummies'? hm..Speaking of learning something that u have no basic on..i rather had my Colletotrichum gloeosporioides any day..

Talking and sharing problems with my husband and friends really helps a lot, especially when we discover that we all had the same problems..hehe..and of course, being a student is waaayyy better than being in the workforce..

Believe me.

p/s- tension, so merapu sket :)

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