21 June 2010

can't wait..

This week is the last week that we'll be staying in Terengganu..by next week, we'll be moving to Sri Kembangan already.I'll be missing the nasi kerabu, sotong celup tepung, beaches..well, on the food side, kat sini pun ramai je org pantai timur and northern, so getting tomyam will not be a problem, cuma the pricela probably will be higher ;)

Well, last week we went to see the house together, and see what else that we needed, other than what we had already listed. Well, insya Allah we'll be adding some new furniture as well, especially for the kitchen. My hubby wants to do an open house during hari raya for our friends, insya Allah :) time to take out all of my cooking book then (tp dowg sanggup ke nak makan masakan i?) well, speaking about cooking, i realized that i missed cooking so much!! well, its true that coming back from work, i'm already tired and everything but then again, i miss cooking..

its a different feeling when your cooking with your family or friends, and cooking by yourself. Well, when i cook by myself usually i feel like a queen (for a while), haha..well, you can cook and make the food taste as you like it (nama pun queen). I did not expect to cook much on weekdays for my hubby, but i'll try the best that i can. maybe i need suppliments to keep me going (just like before) but then again, dunno which one is the best..
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Are any of the readers familiar with Nilai 3? they say that the kain and upah langsir is very cheap there, but i only went there once, and it was ok. did not note anything about the curtains..HELP~~

Last week I also took the chance to visit my in laws in Kelantan..and set our plan for this weekend. So we'll be getting help from 'troups' across the family, hehe..Our families wanted to help we pindah so what we did was...we sponsored a van so that everybody can come along. but seriously, pindah is very2 costly. especially involving different states (baru state, belum negara lagik). the truck rent, driver, and everything..wow..(T_T)..Guess more cooking had to be done next month..

my current mode is tak sabar nak pindah..its been a tired, 3 month wait for us (at least for me) going back and forth from KL to T'ganu, vice versa. Enjoyable, yes, but tiring. not to mention, costly,haha (skit je kan bang ^_^)

Hm..I still have to make a choice for our life, but lets make that another post, shall we?

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