20 July 2010

Twilight: eclipse review

Now, i must admit that i'm one the twilight devotees who had patiently waited for this movie to be released in cinemas. and finding time to catch it is also a TALL order..Finally, the wait is over and last week, my hubby agreed to accompany me to see this movie (surprising really, especially because he did not like cinemas)..and he even bought the tickets..so..

After watching the movie, i must say that it is kinda disappointing for me..huhu..of course i did not expect it follow the book directly.but for me, the movie is so messy and moves very2 fast!! i mean, it looked like the characters haven't had enough time even to breath..

There are some scenes which did not follow the book which I think its quite unnecessary coz the book is good enough..
+the scene in the school cafeteria when Alice saw her vision---> booring conversation topics
+the scene where Bella broke her hand from punching Jacob.
+the scene where Jacob bring Bella along to his 'wolf' family. in the book, Bella was asleep before it ends..hehe..
+before the fight, Jacob heard that Bella wants to marry Edward. NOT in the book. I think its not necessary as well. save it for breaking dawn..
+many more. x larat nak ulas~

Fav scene: During the storm and Bella was freezing, Jacob wanted to hug Bella and keep her warm..saying to Edward "I'm hotter than you" tee--hee.. :)

p/s-waiting for harry potter's final movie :)

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