20 October 2010

Sharing my days with u..

Setakat ni i have to say the month of October is the most busiest month EVER- thus that explain the lack of updates and nuffnang blog competiton and ads that i'd tried..Lets see..

I had a workshop that we had to prepare from first to finish. Kind of my first big break in my job. Thank God it went smoothly though I had to learn a lot more to improve myself. And having great friends helped as well :)

I had to go back quite late from time to time to prepare the workshop. And I was kinda tired; so mostly my hubby cooks for me :) how's that? mcm x aci ke? haha..terharu sangat2...

Also there are a lot of wedding invites during this month..regarding the date 10/10 and 20/10. Really2 happy for them..

See u :)

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