31 December 2010

The Ups & Downs of 2010

Alas, I think it is appropriate to discuss on the happenings of 2010..and the coming of 2011. How time flies. Kejap je rasa..


1. This year I had the chance to form an amazing friendship with new people in UDM and also along my job. Also had the opportunity to work again with Dr Senawi and get to know his lovely wife, although for a short while. Their advice had given me the strength to move on. I got the opportunity to work with students and still keep in touch with them.

2. Dapat rezeki of getting a job in the Government sector. In fact, dapat 2 jobs. Siapa kata dah kahwin xde rezeki kerja kan. I got the offer to be a Pegawai Tadbir and Diplomatik dan Tutor Uitm. All this time I only wanted a job at UDM as to be close to him. But maybe my rezeki ada di tempat lain. After discussing with Dr Senawi, friends and hubby, I decided to choose PTD. Actually, working different jobs with your hubby is not all bad. Can learn more, and can talk more as we can share each other experience.

3. Furnished the house and getting a new car. Alhamdulillah.

4. Still in love with him, forever and always~

5. New addition to the family next year, Insya Allah. Really appreciate the support from friends and hubby.


1. Have to PJJ with him for a while. We take turns to go Putrajaya-Terengganu everyweek. Tiring and costly, but it is all worth it.

2. Haven't learn to cook and communicate in the kitchen especially with family. What to say, i'm the solo-lone-ranger in the kitchen.

3.Have to plan our economy really strict this year as living in KL is more expensive than in Terengganu.

4. Still haven't understand land law fully-boo hoo..still learning how to write a paper..

So, overall, it doesn't seem to be a bad year after all, does it?

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