29 April 2010

in love..part 2

Location : Kota Bharu Airport
Mission: erm..do we need to have one? :)

Before boarding, mkn McD kat KB Mall..
Now they have a special promotion ('doubles')
When we eat this, our bodies also will become double coz of the fat :)
But once in a while its ok..
The best thing is puas eating McD with one burger
Usually had to have Mcflurry baru rasa full :)

Gambar suamiku yang handsome~
He's accompanying me all the way until the boarding time..
Hating PJJ..boo-hoo
hopefully we can be together again soon..

Actually i'm feeling very2 sad at this moment
but try to smile because of the camera..

The waiting room.
Bored of waiting all alone with no one to talk to..
So..snap away :)

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