26 April 2010

live n learn..

Its nearly a month since i've been here. so far, everything is ok..but my workload does not..will elaborate later. i'm going to share an experience so that everyone who read this will always beware..and learn something from it:

as am i am alone here, i really need some kind of transport to accompany my needs. and it also helps a lot if i had to work overtime til night. so, we plan to get my driving license in a place which i will name as X. on a sudden hunch, i plan to pay only little to get my motorcycle license first, although i'm planning to get a car license. that is practically the smartest decision i ever made. so i plan to attend KPP on saturday, and test on sunday. kinda hard, but its not impossible to pass..

so on saturday, miss Y promised us to wait at 8.30 sharp for our classes, plus saying, its important to be on time as i am taking KPP, 6 hours..etc, etc..

so..we waited until...9.30!! that was my first blow. and as i look at the driver, a young guy, with jewels and all that, i began to feel uneasy. very uneasy. 2,3 people (friends of the gang) started shouting and blaming each other for being late. at last, we moved to our destination, and it took us an hour to reach there..

but what on hour it has been..OMG. He's driving is so, so..barbaric!! i feel like i'm going to crash loads of time..nak muntah dia bawak kereta pn ada..as we were in a kancil, i felt that there's no hope if we crashed~

we reached there at 10.45a.m. the KPP class had started since 8.30, but they are very lenient and let me off to continue the class. before i had even settle down in the class, they announced it was break time until 12pm. so i took the chance to explore the academy..it didn't look good..

i entered the class at 11.45a.m as it'll start at 12pm..but then again, i've to wait AGAIN as they started the class at 1.30pm!!! and ends the class at 2.30pm. basically i'm not sure what i get from the class. we did not even get our revision books, only given to us during class to pinjam only..

then its time to go back~ and here is my last straw..as we rode back with the crazy car and driver, there's a roadblock made by the police. not sure what was their target was, maybe just a routine check for them. but..out of the sudden, my driver speed up our car and pass through the police roadblock. its kinda like a scene from the movie!! huhu..however, luckily, the police did not catch us..imagine, if we were caught, like, i'll be one of them too right?? wanna know because of what he drove like that? its because of he did not have a valid license himself~~lalala...

Alhamdulillah, i did reached safely to my home here, thinking about the test. just as we wanted to eat.. there's a phone call from the company wei, bila nak bayar duit yuran? klu x bayar x boleh continue..

kasar sgt2..i explained yg i dh bayar~ tp die continue scolding me..etc..at last br dia understand..

i decided to postpone my test and think first. just, don't ask whyla kn..tp i really2 need it..

on the other hand..

on my job~

Alhamdulillah, i had just been confirmed staying here in Putrajaya..so i had to wait 2 month before my hubby can stay with me here :) first step, apply quarters, and cr rumah sewa. hopefully all goes well..

i got seksyen kajian penyelidikan dan pembangunan..

but don't be fooled, bkn penyelidikan bout soil, but about land laws..wawa..but firstly i had to learn management skills first before doing laws. dunno if i can do a great job or not.. currently i already miss lab work. but no work can be done overnite, rite?

my section is full of bosses, and i'm the most junior..hm..

hopefully i can get back to terengganu this weekend..even for a short time..
i miss him la..

pray for me so i can learn and adjust fast ya, and also be a tabah person..

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  1. wow ayu, when did this happen???
    scary i bace pengalaman amek lesen u..sian u, i really feel sorry for u dear. may u be strong. anyway, where did u stay for this couple of week?? u safe ke kt sna?
    i slalu g swimming dgn colleages i, if u nk blaja swim jom la ikt ktorg if u senang2 k..
    last word, stay strong k..

    -fara MOA