29 April 2010

New theme

Today, spontaneously i decided to change my blog's background and theme. Not sure why. to celebrate 1st may maybe? hehe..although i've made some changes to it, i still maintained the colour red coz..well..i love red. people often percepts red lover as full of jealousy..but then again. maybe i am.haha. well, not all bad things are associated with red, right? red is also the colour that symbolizes love. red also is the colour of our blood which brings oxygen throughout our body and keeps us alive.

although i'd been saying that i'm very2 busy for the past week..i'm still trying to find time writing here. well, some people quoted that writing is a good way to express yourself. i agree. with writing, we can relate to what happen, control our feelings and also can relate ourselves to the past, in a good way of course. when i'm down a need reminders of all the best things that i'd been through all these years, i can rely on blogs to cheer me up :)

Its not fair having a holiday on a saturday..huhu. i'm hoping all holidays should be a monday. or a friday. *frust*. i'm going back to Terengganu this weekend for a short time before heading to Sabah next week. Yep. I'm going to Sabah. But its not a holiday at all as i'll be going with my bosses..discussing on land laws. I'm optimist that i can learn a lot from this trip...

Next week will also a busy week for me..Monday n Tuesday to Sabah, Wednesday had to write a report, Thursday had a full day meeting, Friday..Ai..

Hope everything goes well for all of us~

So, what do u guys think of the new design of my blog? there's not many changes though..

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