23 December 2009

medically speaking..

Yesterday i'd went for my medical checkup, and honestly, i have this kinda phobia which sets my brain to: i hate doctors, hospitals, nurses..no kidding!

It was also the first time that i've done my checkup in a government hospital as before this, reaching private clinics was easier. to be honest the experience wasn't that bad as i've expected..but it takes LONG time for the results..and i had to go there again tomorrow and next week (bad enough,huhu). the best part is i treated myself with oreo cheesecake from secret recipe..courtesy of my hubby. probably because i did not cry myself at the clinic (haha)..tp one slice is not enough la bang *wink2* ;)

whoever invented oreo deserves an award :)

Currently my hubby is very2 busy..leaving me alone for kursus all the time..huhu..so i've more time to spend with my cats, my books and the internet. but i'm still feeling lonely.mybe i should buy some cds or s'thing..

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