08 December 2009

talking about the future...

During my secondary school years, there's a song called 'Graduation: friends forever' sung by vitamin c..and it was really, really popular among us. it was a 'national dedication' in our school to wrote the song in our farewell autograph during form 5..and by then it was still a long way to go to university, getting a degree..etc. there was these lyrics in the song which goes 'when i think about the future, i think about....love'..

It is already 7 years since i've left school but i still cherish every moment of it. now, as i already got my degree, found love..so..what should i do next. the easiest thing to say is..work. the hardest thing to do is..getting hired to work. simply, it is easier to say than done..

after getting my degree and getting through all the hocus-pocus around it, i did not mind to study upwards or downwards..a master or getting back a diploma. probably because i did not do so well during matriculation, and also, agriculture wasn't my first love- until my degree years. i cannot say that i've regret getting a degree and having to get through all of THIS..mostly because it made my parents happy..but isn't it the time to give me a chance to make me happy? i guess not..

a part of me still feels nervous about continuing my studies (masters). true, i can take the coursework course coz its easier, and true, i can wait again for years until i'm truly ready..but then again, i'm worried about how my future would be. i'm tired of waiting the apple to fall from the tree..and maybe when it fell, the apple's already eaten by worms..

should i take the chance and go for it..or..should i just wait..and see..hm...

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