06 December 2009

sick- and - span


wow.. We are already in the month of December..how time flies so fast. We'll be having 2010 with us soon..and hopefully next year is better than this year. Basically everyone had their own new year resolutions annually..and hopefully everyone achieve their targets for this year (if not, we still have a month left). i'm still hoping for a miracle...

As usual..the rainy season starts again here..although i've been here for like, 4 years..i've still haven't used to it...hu..

I'm not feeling well since the month of November, probably because of the weather. I even had a fever-hari raya aidiladha..and i'm still sick now..I hate being sick, but then again..we are all normal human beings i guess. hopefully i'll feel better soon coz i really hate going to the doctor's..huhu..

Just sharing my thoughts here..

I received some comments on marriages..if we married young, does that stop us from having fun?..

Seriously for me, it all depends in who are u marrying i guess..i did not feel that marriage stops me from having fun..for we can go holidays together, going to parks, cinemas together without feeling guilty, and also we can hold hands freely :)

I just couldn't understand if they used marriage as a barrier..cannot go to cinemas..or shopping after marriage coz its childish? come on..

There's nothing wrong being childish sometimes right? playing games, enjoying ourselves..but by the end of the day, we still cook and care for our husbands and families...and we know our priorities. We can't be serious at all times..pretending to be someone 60 when we're only 23.. well, i believe that it takes a lot of baby steps and time to be 'mature'- step by step. Although I'm enjoying myself now, i cannot adapt this type of lifestyle when i'm a mother in the future, and therefore, I will change when the time comes. forcing to be someone that you're not is really frustrating- you can't be urself. there's always the right time for everything, i guess :) i'm still trying to improve myself to be a better me, and no one can change u but urself..really thankfull that my hubby supports me 100% :)

still praying for that miracle.....

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