07 January 2010

everything new...

the first week of 2010 flew by~~and, although its only the 1st week so far, many things happened..hopefully for a reason..

i attended a seminar last weekend about studies..and it really sucks..i regret coming to it until now. when i woke up that morning the weather is gloomy-its been raining on and off since the new year. so i've arrived kinda a bit late (15 minutes to be exact) because of the weather (rain2 go away..). however, the door to the seminar was already locked, and many of us (like me) were stranded outside. feeling really2 bummed, it does effected my mood for the whole day. at last, the door was opened after 1 hour after i waited there (my husband ordered me too, so..) and many of them who waited with me had already left. i just couldn't understand WHY didn't they did not assigned a staff to 'look' at the door once in a while. after all, the place was comfortable, with aircond, and 15 minutes..man, we're not supposed to miss much. maybe all of them had big cars and everything, and did not have to worry about the weather like us. i'm really2 pissed off with them!!

for the second part, everything seems well at first. until..the Q & A section. I decided to ask a question, and man, i regret that decision until now. my question was answered with a snide remark, pissing me off. and the worst part of it was that the remarks were added by bapak2 org wearing kopiah and everything! i mean, with that image, should they be more polite and everything? then what for they wear that kind of gear just to say something impolite to this lady? bad day for me i guess..

as for the week..everything goes well, i guess...but not quite for us..maybe its not the right time yet for us to expand our family. i don't know if i was the one who failed,but this is our 1st time, and i promise to take care of myself better next time. speaking of taking care, i have to thank my husband a lot during this hard times..and he made me eat A LOT..maybe this test is to gave prove that he really loves me and i should take care of him better. now, the only focus is to get myself to be strong again..

hopefully 2010 will be a wonderful year for us..

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