21 January 2010

i'm back..

its been an exhausting week so far- not from all the work that i had to do, but the travel that i had to endure (haha). last week i went back to our hometown and it was very2 tiring indeed. i wanted a change of scenery and environment to help me forget all the sad things that happened. however, going back to kampung isn't exactly a holiday for me since i still had to cook and do things..etc..but that's the way as a married woman, i guess. i just came back from our cuti2 malaysia yesterday, had a day full of activity, and on top of that my sister in law came for a visit. plus the laundry, cleaning and all that..fuh..i need more energy i guess.

about my current running activity, i'm still not sure what to aspect. my focus is there, but i'm not sure on where to start. i'm focusing on getting to love my activities better- maybe some people needed only a bit of time-but me- well, lets just say i need more time..

there's also been good news this week. hope it keeps on coming (*_*). Alhamdulillah, everything goes well with our marriage. and life. hope that everything comes out fine. sometimes, its hard to get something that you want and need without effecting the hearts of others...

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