15 January 2010

Full month...

Looking at the calendar,its only the middle of January..fuh..but i am feeling SOoo tired already. Really,really a challenge when u had to squeeze urself with a new life and new timetable.

Work+cooking+cleaning+washing everyday leave me with no energy at all..everynite i had to drag myself to bed.maybe i should make some changes on my schedule, but currently i had no chance of doing it..i'm planning to get some supplement so i can be more energetic..

i don't know whether i'm doing a good job or not, its just so hard to explain when ur so tired. i'm not fully recovered from my ordeal yet-i guess..it could take some time. but can i use that explanation to safe myself? i don't think so..huhu..i need to be strong..

speaking of challenges, my D-day is also coming next week-loads of things are happening right now..i just don't know which to settle first.i'm really2 nervous about the day..i'm not sure what will happen next..plz pray for me..and hope everything is fine..

of all the bad things that happened, there's a good thing within it- i got the news this week. really2 made my day.hopefully it can stay that way. probably my friends who read this noticed how secretive i am lately..hehe..i will elaborate later..

as for my marriage life- we're still searching for a house for us to rent. kinda hard finding it here..huhu..i love our house now, but it doesn't hurt to search for a bargain. we like houses with lawns, so that we can do a bit of gardening..and the cats can play around, and that sort of thing. we have looked 2,3 houses so far..well, maybe i kinda strict in these houses and all that, but hey, i'm the housewife :) my choice of houses must be : not woodhouse type, no cemetry nearby, not in a jungle or forest area, got public transport..and the list goes on..haha..
  • no offence about the woodhouse, but i'm thinking of when my hubby will go outstation for days and i'll be living alone with si kucing. i'm really2 concern about safety and does a cockroach sounds and looks scary enough for u? it does for me..hehe. infact, even spelling it gave me the creeps~huhu..
  • cemetry- NOT my favourite environment to live in. why? well..i don't want to celebrate halloween everyday. plus. ok. i admit it..i'm a scaredy-cat..
  • not in a jungle or forest area coz i'm more concern about safety actually..
  • public transport coz i don't have any transport on my own yet..
is there any perfect house around?hehe..inform me if there's any ya :)

i'm feeling soo tired..for the 100th time..hu..i'm really2 lucky that my husband really likes my cooking..he even requested for bekal sometimes..but then again..maybe we should eat out on weekdays abg. i love u.. :)

Goodnite everyone..

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