09 January 2010

a typical day?

today is saturday..one of my favourite day in the week..probably coz its the weekend :)

so i started today thinking that it was going to be a typical saturday..just like other weeks before..lazing around..but..that did not happen..

I woke up this morning to the sounds from my husband's hp..he did not answer as it was saturday morning- family time.however, his hp rings many times and he decided to LOOK at the phone, luckily too coz it was from his brother. the news: they are coming to our house in an hour's time.with my father and mother in law.erk.actually they are sending my sister in law to college as her semester has just started..


I woke up with a jump and began planning on what to do (haha). thankfully we had mop the house yesterday (weekly wajib job), and we bought chicken meat and fish the week before, so there are some lauk available. my husband asked me to cook my rendang (crazy-in 1 hour?), fry the fish and vege..and somehow, i managed to get the job done :) as an amateur cooker-i had to be proud of myself (haha).

I plan to apply for the post of super woman next year.

so..the rest, everything was ok..my rendang tasted fine..however as i am in a special diet, there was no lauk for me available (haruan sup doesn't sound appetising does it?) it took a LOT of effort for me not to eat them all..funnyla cooking something that u cannot eat, but never mind :)

At the end of their trip i was feeling very tired..(haha, so much for being super) but most important is that everything goes well. so..sup dinner for me-again. i must say that it is an experience for me to have ur mother in law to visit u suddenly, and maybe everyone had their own experience like this. the moral of the story- have to always had lauk or some emergency 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 or whatsoever for cases like this.haha. and have to keep instant donuts or epok2 too. i seldom use the 3 in 1 thingy so maybe had to survey some brands for future references.

or maybe, just maybe, don't answer your phone on saturday morning :) just kidding..

so much for a typical saturday.

p/s- balik kampung this week...and 1 week more for my diet and D-day,huhu..hopefully all goes well..

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